2004 – 2009 : Game Design Research

Game Design

At 2004, after finishing my master, I was interested in designing serious games within simulated environments. Therefore, besides teaching at universities, I established my own startup company (Virtual World Games Club) to design different types of games for a wide range of stakeholders (such as governmental organizations, schools, tourism centers, companies, conferences, and etc) to employ gamification as a media.

Until 2009, we designed our game projects based on various gaming platforms (such as video games, LARP, ARG, MORPG, and etc) to explore immersion techniques and to improve the game influence. Our game projects have been described as below. Designing these games provided me great experience on how to evoke fun in daily activities. Besides that, due to my game design knowledge, I became TA for different game design courses in 2015-2017 at Simon Fraser University.

Treasure Raiders (2004)

Gamifying teaching myths in an educational Puzzle-Solving Contest


Legends Land (2005)

A highly immersive text-based Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MORPG)


Police Skills (2005)

An Educational Simulation Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Game
to train police forces through crime situations


Paradise Defenders (2006)

A strategic Video Game engine developed by our team using DEV C++ compiler


The Secret of  Shadows (2006)

Gamifying teaching history in schools as an educational
Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Game


Seven Wizards (2007)

Gamifying tourism as a Puzzle-Solving Contest with behavior-change aspects


Festival of  Funny Soprts  (2007)

A De-stressing physical contest full of funny physical activities designed
for Farzanegan high school


Strike (2008)

A hidden identity game for behavior-change purposes designed
for Iran national medical conference


The Lost Gate (2008)

Gamifying tourism as an Alternate Reality Game (ARG)
with behavior-change aspects


Sky Gates (2009)

Gamifying teaching physic in schools as an
educational single player online game