2015 – Now: Virtual Reality Research

Designing holographic user interfaces made me interested to be a UX/UI researcher for Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Realities. Therefore, I started my Ph.D. at iSpace lab, Simon Fraser University, to improve my design skills and learn how to perform usability tests and evaluation experiments. As a Ph.D. student, I’ve designed several VR interfaces and evaluated their user experience comparing to standard interfaces using mixed research methods, including both qualitative research methods to seek individual user’s feedback and quantitative research methods for the overall evaluation of the interface. The main focus of my studies is designing VR travel interfaces, which can be used by home users for daily VR applications such as first-person shooter gaming, architectural walkthrough, flying, driving, etc.

Leaning-based interfaces improve ground-based VR locomotion in reach-the-target, follow-the-path, and racing tasks (2021)

IEEE Transactions of Visualization and Computer Graphics Journal Paper

Lean to Fly: Leaning-Based Embodied Flying can Improve Performance and User Experience in 3D Navigation (2021)

Frontiers in Virtual Reality Journal Paper

HeadJoystick: Improving Flying in VR using a
Novel Leaning-Based Interface

IEEE Transactions of Visualization and Computer Graphics Journal Paper

Sparse Peripheral Display: Augmenting the field-of-view of
Head-Mounted Displays

This project is in collaboration with Microsoft Research to evaluate the newer version of Sparse Peripheral Display and the resulting paper was submitted
to IEEE VR (2018) by me as the main author.

Leaning-Based 360° Interfaces: Investigating Virtual Reality Navigation Interfaces with Leaning-Based-Translation and Full-Rotation (2017)

HCI International Conference Paper

Models and Representation in Spatial Cognition Workshop Poster

Swivel-Chair: Evaluating Seated Full-Rotational Interfaces
for Virtual Reality Navigation

SAVR Conference Paper

Comparing Leaning-based Motion Cueing Interfaces
for Virtual Reality Locomotion

IEEEVR Conference poster

3DUI Conference Paper

Swivel-360: Designing a novel interface for VR locomotion (2016)

Presentation at Consumer VR conference 

Helicopter (UAV) control using Leap Motion vs. dual joystick
with the Christie flight simulator (2015)

Project Details

Evaluating Self-Motion Illusion with a New Embodied Interface
for Navigation in Virtual Environments


Using virtual environments as a simulation platform to analyze the evolution of regenerative developments (2015)

Journal Paper

NaviChair: Evaluating an Embodied Interface Using a Pointing Task to Navigate Virtual Reality (2015)

Conference Paper

View dependent desktop-based 3D Graphics by head tracking
using TrackIR vs. Microsoft Kinect (2015)